The Council of European BioRegions (CEBR) is a network of biotechnology support professionals that support their local biocommunity through direct services including networking, incubation, partnering and cluster promotion.

It is the first network of its kind to bring together such organisations and members will develop and implement new biotech support activities across Europe.

The CEBR mission

To build a competitive European biotechnology sector on the world stage through networking, collaboration, recommendations for policy and sharing best practice between regional biocommunities.

CEBR aims to:

  • Reduce fragmentation of companies and regions in Europe
  • Create a level playing field for company operation
  • Transform competitiveness to cooperation between regions
  • Create a platform for EU biotechnology initiatives, including EC-funded projects

CEBR History

CEBR was launched in 2006 through an FP6- funded project intended to network biotechnology clusters across Europe. The project objective was to create a long term sustainable network through which biotechnology in Europe and its support infrastructure became more harmonised. The network was launched in June 2006 and has gathered strength and members since then, with over 100 Full and Associated Members joining at launch.

January 2008 saw the launch of a financially independent network, supported by low cost membership and participation in EC-funded projects.  CEBR operated as a ringfenced activity of ERBI Ltd (now One Nucleus) in Cambridge and worked towards sufficient strength to create a stand alone legal entity.

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