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MediWales & DTR Medical: Continuing ENT Diagnosis Throughout COVID-19 Safely

February 24 @ 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm


DTR Medical, in partnership with MediWales, bring you a webinar focused around the importance of the continuation of Nasendoscopy procedures during the pandemic, and how the SNAP, Endoscope Guide, will enable these to continue throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. The SNAP device won the 2020 MediWales Innovation Award for industry partnership with the NHS.

COVID-19 has heavily affected all our lives and how our health service is able to treat patients. In 2018, about 500,000 Nasendoscopies were performed in the UK, however, figures during the first peak of COVID-19 suggested that only 8% of these were able to take place.

There is a large risk to both ENT Surgeons and Speech & Language Therapists whilst carrying out a Nasendoscopy procedure and the Clinician is at significantly higher levels of contracting COVID-19. The SNAP, Endoscope Guide aims to provide better safety and care for both the Patient and Clinician.

The device ensures safe passage of a Nasendoscopy through a Surgical Mask, creating an aperture for the Endoscope to pass through into the Nasal Cavity. This meaning that any coughs, splutters, or sneezes throughout the procedure are caught in the Mask, which is easily disposed of after use.

DTR Medical and endoscope-i have collaborated in the development of the essential product and helping to bring it to market. This innovative device will enable ENT Clinicians and Speech & Language Therapists to return to Nasendoscopies. This procedure is critical in the diagnosis of Head and Neck Cancer, by reducing COVID-19 risks for the healthcare professional.


Chair – Gwyn Tudor, CEO, MediWales

13:00 – 13:10 Introduction to Webinar

13:10 – 13:20 Innovia Medical – Who are we & what do we do?

13:20 – 13:30 Overview of Nasendoscopy procedure

13:30 – 14:00 What is the SNAP, Endoscope Guide? (intention of the design, the development process)

14:00 – 14:30 Why should I use the SNAP & why is it needed? (Perceived benefits from a Clinicians perspective)

14:30 – 15:00 Live Demonstration (how to use the SNAP)

15:00 – 15:30 Q&A Session


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