20th November 2018

Accelerator Programme – Alzheimer’s Society

As part of its new programme, Alzheimer’s Society is looking to fund innovations and inventions that could help people affected by dementia live better.

Do you have an idea for a product or service that will improve the lives of people affected by dementia?

Engineers, designers, developers, innovators, entrepreneurs, or anyone with a good idea – we want to hear from you.

Your idea could be a simple product that makes an everyday task easier for a person living with dementia. You may have an innovative idea for a new service or way of working for care home staff.

Through Alzheimer’s Society’s Accelerator Programme, we can help bring your idea to life.

How do I apply to the Accelerator Programme?

  1. Create a two-minute video introducing yourself and your product or service. Your video doesn’t need to be professional – a recording from a smartphone uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo would be suitable.
  2. Submit your application by completing our online form and include a link to your video.
  3. Once you’ve submitted the form, we’ll email you with a few more steps to follow. We’ll ask you to send a project partnership plan for the year to outline how you’d like to work with Alzheimer’s Society. We will also ask you to draft a budget to forecast how and when you will use the grant across 12 months.

Make sure you’ve thought about the intricacies of your idea, and really focus on the impact on people affected by dementia

Apply today
Submit an application to our Accelerator Programme before 1 January 2019
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How will my idea be reviewed?
Applications will be reviewed by the Alzheimer’s Society innovation team, people affected by dementia, and innovation experts. They will consider:

  • Originality of the product or service
  • Impact on people affected by dementia
  • Desirability and feasibility of the product of service for people affected by dementia
  • Scalability

How will Alzheimer’s Society support successful applicants?
We are looking to support up to four awards during this round, and we will be asking for ideas every six months.

You will receive funding of up to £100,000 to make your product or service a reality.

We will support you to:

  • Partner with a member of the Alzheimer’s Society innovation team for 12 months, to guide you through the process of bringing your idea to life.

Our innovation team are experts in innovation pathways. They can guide you through the life cycle of developing, testing and improving your idea. The buddy programme can also offer you advice on planning, evaluation, budget and resources management.

  • Work with people directly affected by dementia to develop and test your product or service.

Experts from Alzheimer’s Society can advise you on how to evaluate your product or service so that you can measure the impact of your idea for people affected by dementia. This will enable you to have conversations with manufacturers or service providers in order to get your idea scaled and available for as many people affected by dementia as possible.

Got a question?
If you have any queries, please read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for further information or email our team.

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Interested in learning more about our innovation work?
Alzheimer’s Society’s approach to innovation is having a makeover. Come back in the new year for a whole new platform to engage with the Society and have your say in how we innovate to support people affected by dementia.

Would you like to learn more about our innovation work? Email our team to express your interest and be one of the first to know more.


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