26th May 2020

COVID-19 Digital Solutions Fund

Digital transformation of NHS Wales’ COVID-19 response and business-as-usual (BAU) service delivery.

We believe new technologies can help support NHS Wales’ service delivery throughout the current COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. This is a rapid pilot competition where we’re looking to test market-ready technology within NHS environments, with potential for scale-up of technology that’s seen to be transformative. Within this funding competition, we are particularly looking for innovators able to support in the following themes. If this is your company, please apply.

  • Remote diagnosis and triage of patients.
  • Optimising data collection and analysis.
  • Tracking, managing, and reporting hospital personal protective equipment (PPE) inventory.
  • Remote citizen support and treatment.

Competition Process


Companies will be asked to complete an online expression of interest within Life Sciences Hub Wales Innovation Portal
Submission deadline: 0900 BST 8th June 2020
Assessment: 8th – 19th June 2020 (applicants may be invited to a pitch session during the assessment period)


The selected companies will receive Welsh Government funding of up to £30,000 to develop or test their solution over a 6-8-week period
Award date: 22nd June 2020
Go-live: 29th June 2020

Rapid Pilot:

Following the testing period, Welsh Government and NHS partners will consider the best route for further development
Test end date: 28th August 2020
Evaluation starts: 7th September 2020

Supplier Guidance

This supplier guidance is provided to help companies applying understand the minimum application requirements, and the evaluation and selection criteria. Selection will be based on the application only. Successful companies will undergo any required due diligence prior to contracting. Applications that do not meet the criteria will not pass to the assessment stage. Financial support will be provided in accordance with State Aid de-minimis regulations at 100% of eligible costs to the maximum award level.

In the application please declare any aid you have received under the De Minimis regulation which allows aid of up to €200,000 to any one organisation over a three fiscal year period (i.e. your current fiscal year and previous two fiscal years).

Between 5 and 8 Suppliers will be awarded a grant under the Covid-19 Digital Solutions Fund to a maximum of £30K to test their solution.

Applications close @ 9am BST on June 8, 2020

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