28th January 2019

Funding opportunity to bring your project onto hyvr!

In order to realise the potential of hyvr, the West of England AHSN is providing an exciting opportunity for organisations from the voluntary, community and social enterprises (VCSE) sector.

Organisations in this sector are invited to submit proposals for projects of up to £10,000 to address a strategic aim through hyvr.

About the call
Successful proposals will achieve four objectives:

1.    Benefit the applying organisation in supporting a strategic aim.

2.    Provide sufficient numbers of users on the hyvr platform

3.    Strengthen links with public contributors putting them at the heart of the innovation process.

4.    Support innovators to engage directly with public contributors.

The total funding available for this call is £30,000.  The West of England AHSN will be accepting applications detailing budget proposals of between £500 and £10,000 (incl. VAT).

You can view full details in the “Funding Opportunities” hive in hyvr, or on the web here. The closing date for applications is midday on 21st February 2019, so don’t hang around if you’re interested!