25th February 2020

Kess2 PhD Studentship, Bangor University

PhD Studentship: Exploring the development of a new Community Care Hub and implementation of this social model into primary care delivery in Wales.

Deadline: 14th March 2020

Community Care Collaborative CIC (CCC) is a social enterprise health delivery organisation. CCC aims to act as a vehicle to enable partnership working between the public, voluntary and private sectors to develop and deliver an innovative, person centred, social model of care transforming the traditional model of primary care in Wales. CCC work for the benefit of the community and as an asset locked organisation any surplus income generated is reinvested in the enterprise.

The aim of this PhD research studentship is to explore a new social model of care in primary care with the purpose of delivering a holistic, streamlined Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) service that meets the medical, social and psychological needs of the local community in Wrexham. This PhD project will evaluate a new Community Care Hub (CCH) in primary care to meet the health and wellbeing needs of the vulnerable and homeless in society. This research will engage with vulnerable, and hard to reach groups and those with complex needs to educate and empower both the people the organisation work with and the people they provide services to increase their resilience and ability to self-care. This new social model in primary care will act as a conduit for services and greater integration of healthcare services in Wrexham town and surrounding area. Findings will provide tangible evidence for CCC on the development of a new CCH and implementation of this social model into primary care delivery in Wales.

This PhD project will amalgamate and draw on the key strength’s within CCC which is an taking an inclusive and pioneering approach to healthcare delivery and building collaborative working at its core. This studentship will apply and merge two methodologies Social Return on Investment (SROI) along with realist evaluation and synthesis. The amalgamation of both approaches will facilitate the assessment of use values and non-use values, social value, return on investment while examining what works in what circumstances and what has changed.

This proposed PhD studentship will allow the candidate to develop research skills in the exciting field of public health and health economics exploring strategic change in public and voluntary sector development with a passion for how the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act may be delivered in practice.

Start date: 01/05/2020

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