27th March 2019

The Big Beat Challenge

£30 million Big Beat Challenge: Applications now open

The future of heart and circulatory disease research could be in your hands with a single funding award of £30 million to bring one big, bold, boundless idea to fruition.

The Big Beat Challenge represents one of the largest and most ambitious awards of its kind. The window to submit outline applications is now open, and the British Heart Foundation is calling for the brightest and most innovative minds from across science, technology, engineering and maths to come together and apply.

We’re looking for multi-disciplinary teams, based anywhere in the world, to identify a research challenge in any heart or circulatory disease and propose a transformational solution which can only be achieved with funding of this scale. Your ideas could transform the lives of a few, or provide a smaller but important change for many.

International advisory panel

An international advisory panel is being assembled to help shortlist applications and select the winning proposal, and already includes:

  • Professor Fiona Murray
    Associate Dean of Innovation at MIT Sloan School of Management and member of the UK Prime Minister’s Council for Science and Technology
  • Dr Mona Nemer
    Canada’s Chief Science Advisor
  • Sir Patrick Vallance
    Chief Scientific Advisor to the UK Government
  • The Rt Hon. Lord David Willetts
    Former UK Minister of State for Science and Universities
  • Dr Robert Califf
    Professor of Cardiology at Duke University and Advisor for Verily Life Sciences
  • Sir Philip Campbell
    Editor-in-Chief of Springer Nature, former Editor-in-Chief of Nature

If you have an idea for a project that could deliver a major advance in any heart or circulatory disease then the time to apply is now. Assemble a team, discuss your ideas, share and swap expertise and devise your strategy to make it real. Be bold!

Visit today to find out more and to apply.