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AlgiPharma UK Ltd is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company. AlgiPharma’s OligoG technology is based on highly purified and defined oligomer saccharide structures processed and isolated from the alginate polysaccharide, and manufactured in accordance with GMP guidelines, ICH Q7 and ISO standards. The molecule is stable, non-toxic and bio-compatible. The AlgiPharma technology is supported by a young and strong patent portfolio. The primary features of AlgiPharma’s alginate oligomers include, release of stagnant mucus in airway and intestinal mucosa, disruption and prevention of biofilms, reduction in bacterial mobility and virulence, and potentiation of antimicrobial compounds. AlgiPharma is currently in Phase 2 clinical trials for Cystic Fibrosis, and is actively seeking out licensing opportunities in other disease areas such as COPD and the treatment of chronic infections.




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14 June 2017

Award for disease-fighting ‘seaweed drug’

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