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Medical and Educational Academy is an independent institution for learning and teaching. It delivers its educational programmes to students world-wide, through divisions focused on skills-oriented medical subjects. At MedEd Academy, learning is available 24/7 through our virtual learning environment “WeLearn”. As all of our students work as well as study, we have ensured that their access to the multi-format learning material is very flexible, available on most devices and is well supported.

Our courses are highly vocational and skills oriented. Hence, our programmes follow national and international standards of practice supported by very experienced faculty. We currently offer many modules covering ultrasound specialties and soon will be launching new subject areas. Skills that are developed during the study period are highly transferable to the healthcare environment and ensure that patients’ care is of the highest standard. The combination of the breadth and depth of knowledge and skills will ensure robust career progression.




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Cardiff Medicentre
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CF14 4UJ