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31st August 2017

Glyndwr University sensor to support vulnerable elderly

An inventor who designed a sensor to support elderly people living alone will take his product to market.
31st August 2017

British life sciences to get £160m funding boost

Details of a £160m Government investment in life sciences will be announced later at the launch of an independent review of an industry worth £64bn to the British economy.
31st August 2017

Trial raises Parkinson’s therapy hope

Scientists have restored nerve cells destroyed by a condition similar to Parkinson's disease, in monkeys.
31st August 2017

First cancer ‘living drug’ gets go-ahead

The US has approved the first treatment to redesign a patient's own immune system so it attacks cancer.
30th August 2017

New meningitis test ‘could save lives’

A hospital A&E department in Northern Ireland is to start using a new, rapid test for meningitis that should speed up diagnosis and save lives.
29th August 2017

£50m to Further Improve NHS Waiting Times in Wales

An additional £50m is being invested in the Welsh NHS to help further reduce waiting times, Health Secretary Vaughan Gething has announced.

29th August 2017

Anti-inflammatory drug ‘cuts heart attack risk’

Anti-inflammatory drugs could cut the risk of heart attacks and strokes, a study of 10,000 patients suggests.

24th August 2017

Jellagen Pty Ltd secures £329,087 grant from Innovate UK’s Industrial Strategy

Jellagen Pty Ltd secures £329,087 grant from Innovate UK’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund Competition to support the development of a functionalised jellyfish collagen for wound care.
23rd August 2017

Expert Advice from Tybio: Can I sell my assay as a commercial product?

Those of us who do assay development for life science or medical diagnostics are all guilty of thinking our assay is the best ever and everyone else is going to buy it but sadly, of course, this is not always the case and some realism is needed!
22nd August 2017

‘Safer’ Down’s syndrome test to be introduced in Wales

A safer and more accurate test for Down's syndrome is to be introduced for pregnant mothers in Wales, the Welsh Government has announced.