19th January 2015

25 years in the field for Magstim

Carmarthenshire based medical device manufacturer The Magstim Company Ltd celebrates 25 years of business

The Magstim Company Ltd, an innovative & award winning Wales-based medical device manufacturer, celebrates 25 years of success.

Magstim produces a range of one the most widely used TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) Stimulators in the world. These stimulators are used by neuroscience researchers to investigate the connectivity of the brain, with results that have implications for the diagnosis and treatment of Multiple Sclerosis, Central Motor Disorders, Motor Neurone Disease and Spinal Injury.

In addition to the research market, Magstim provides solutions for mental health professionals, utilising its innovative rTMS (Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) technology, for the treatment of drug resistant depression. The clinical traction of this technology has grown Internationally and Magstim are proudly supplying the NHS with rTMS Therapy systems for depressed patients who have failed, or are unable to respond to traditional medication.

Magstim is also responsible for the Neurosign range of intra-operative monitors and accessories, which are routinely used by ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) surgeons to protect vital facial nerves during complex surgery.

Over the course of its 25 years in the Neuroscience industry, Magstim has been a pivotal tool in the advances of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for researchers across the globe. To this day, Magstim is cited in approximately 79% of TMS research papers*

Managing Director Robin Davies states:

“Magstim has played a crucial role in supporting researchers and clinicians in neurostimulation and nerve monitoring for 25 years. Built on a commitment to innovate and adapt, the quality of Magstim’s medical devices has positioned us as a world leader in our industry. In the coming 25 years, the role of Magstim will be to retain its position as a leader at the forefront of Neuroscience technology and continue to support the local economy in West Wales”.

Magstim serves customers in over 50 countries and has grown to employ more than 100 staff from its manufacturing facilities in Whitland, West Wales. Increased investment in R&D and Engineering has seen the company expand into additional facilities within the area in line with new product development projects. Through funding support from the Welsh Government, Magstim has ambitious plans to expand its premises in 2015, as the popularity of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation increases worldwide. State of the art facilities will aid Magstim’s objectives for growth Internationally and provide innovative facilities for its skilled workforce.

Looking forward, the company is committed to designing and delivering innovative medical devices to support both the researcher and clinician internationally. For more information about The Magstim Company Ltd visit: