30th June 2020


CITER members Dr Liba Sheeran, Prof Valerie Sparkes, Dr Yulia Hicks, Data Innovation Research Institute (Dr Jeffrey Morgan) and clinicians (Mark Dunford and Elaine Lewis) launched an online low back pain self-management support system BACK-on-LINE ( to all NHS WALES staff. It offers invaluable support mechanism for NHS staff currently unable to access face-to-face occupational health support.

BACK-on-LINE was also launched to all CARDIFF UNIVERSITY staff with free unlimited access to help them manage back problems when working from home (WFH). Since its launch the platform was visited over 1,700 times. Over 670 visitors completed the low back pain self- screen, the feedback page was accessed 460 times. There are currently 74 full users. In light of the recent stop to any occupational health face to face support, the team was also approached by the Transport Sector soon launching BACK-on-LINE across TRANSPORT FOR LONDON (TfL) (27,000 employees) and NETWORK RAIL (82,000 employees).