13th March 2015

European Cluster Medical Device Programme

Showcasing European Medical Device SMEs
Clusters in Europe work together to build an SME directory

The Council of European BioRegions (CEBR) is working with clusters across Europe to build a directory of medical device SMEs and promote it worldwide.

SME profiles will be published within a searchable online directory and promoted to partners and investors worldwide, with a hotlist of high performing SMEs published every 6 months.

Clusters across Europe are the key to SMEs and their development.  In working together to create a critical mass of medical device SMEs – clusters create a powerful tool for SME visibility to partners and investors.

The directory will be launched in June and the first hotlist will be published at Medica in November.  The directory aims to kick off with a minimum of 100 medical device SMEs and will be used by cluster managers in their international promotion.

Targets for the directory and hotlist include large company partners for development and commercialisation into new markets, investors for direct company development, end users such health service providers and other SMEs for technology convergence and novel product development.

Programme sponsor Biowin commented “This is an excellent opportunity for Wallonia to profile its medical device SMEs globally.  We already work with international clusters and partners and this is an opportunity to focus on delivering medical device commercial and technical development further.

CEBR member Tejin Pharma Ltd also commented “Teijin Pharma actively seeks innovative products for license and partnership across Europe. CEBR is a comprehensive organisation for European clusters so that we are able to access European SMEs, working with such cluster managers. We confidently​ say that the CEBR’s Medical device directory under development will be an efficient tool to find potential partners.”

Clusters and medical device organisations that wish to be part of the directory and hotlist generation should visit the CEBR website or contact

MediWales members can get involved by contacting Tess