13th November 2018

Gearing Up For Growth – BIC Innovation provide November’s Expert Advice

BIC Innovation is a well-established private consultancy operating throughout Wales and beyond.  Specialising in business innovation to support growth, we have strengths in research and development, manufacturing processes, export, finance and business planning.  Using tried and trusted tools and techniques, deep functional expertise, applied sector knowledge and strong relationships with the public sector and industry, we are committed to help companies grow sustainable businesses.

BIC is now launching a brand-new consultancy offer that is solely focused on providing practical support to assist Welsh Life Science and Healthcare companies to develop and build their businesses.

Central to this is the expertise, skills and connectivity of the BIC Life Sciences team. Uniquely, our team is composed of business professionals with global experience and networks in a variety of commercial roles within a wide range of Life Sciences sub-sectors including research tools and products, medical diagnostics, pharmaceuticals e-health.

We are focused on providing micro and small to medium sized Life Science and Healthcare companies with practical hands-on-help and advice to progress and support management teams to generate and build long term revenues. For more established businesses, we offer extra bandwidth and resources on a part-time or temporary basis. In addition to commercial work, BIC enables companies to benefit by accessing support from a wider range of publicly funded programs to assist with scaling-up.

Critical to the success of all businesses is raising money. The world of finance and investment can be a daunting one to navigate, with a myriad of funding options to consider. BIC’s comprehensive team of qualified accountants aims to help owner/managers to present the business in the best possible way to attract commercial investment and improve knowledge and understanding about the different forms of investment which may be suitable for the business. As a single co-ordinated team, the task of pulling the right skills together to address a specific challenge becomes a valuable benefit for all concerned.

We provide a comprehensive package of financial services specifically to ensure a business is investor ready and able to pitch well. Importantly, BIC also supports businesses to find the most appropriate type of funding and advises how accessing could impact the business overall.

Good financial management is key to the success of any business and BIC provides a range of financial management tools and services including financial MOTs, R&D tax credit support and financial planning to improve understanding of costs associated with all aspects of product manufacturing.

Alongside an experienced pool of financial experts, the Life Science and Healthcare team at BIC can provide a full Commercial Development Support. If you are an inventor or new to business BIC can help you understand your marketplace, and more importantly where your products sit within it. We can provide a ‘pay as you use’ HR Expertise, covering all aspects of HR including guidance to develop HR policies and procedures aligned with corporate culture, draft employment contracts and advising on specific cases. We are also experienced in Regulatory and Quality Support and can assist with implementing a Quality Management System as well as offering regulatory guidance and help to engage with regulatory authorities.

BIC works with companies on a one-to-one and face-to-face basis. If you have a question or want more information, please contact: or call 07793554791.

You can view BIC Innovation’s member profile here.