03rd September 2019

Indoor Biotechnologies Update

Summer is winding down, but Indoor Biotechnologies is moving into fall with several exciting announcements.

Indoor Biotechnologies is delighted to announce that it has recently signed a patent license agreement with Biomay AG (Vienna, Austria) to cover sales of monoclonal antibody-based immunoassays for mite allergen Der p 23 on its ELISA 2.0 and MARIA® platforms.

This strategic partnership gives Indoor Biotechnologies freedom to operate in the EU, China, Japan and other countries, while extending the use and application of Biomay’s intellectual property surrounding Der p 23. ELISA 2.0 and MARIA® will enable allergen manufacturers to measure Der p 23 and researchers to investigate environmental exposure and the clinical relevance of this major mite allergen.

We are making excellent progress in developing MARIA® for Foods and have completed validations for a 12-plex array capable of measuring eight foods that are regulated in the US, EU and Japan – all in one test. According to a recent survey by Food Safety Magazine, 36% of food processors in the US are looking for “a test for all eight major allergens in one test”. Indoor Biotechnologies “Molecular Approach to Food Allergy” is designed to meet that goal. By the end of 2019 we expect to complete a 17-plex array that will allow all allergens regulated by food laws to be measured simultaneously in a single test.
Also, on food, it was super cool to see an independent validation of Indoor Biotechnologies peanut allergen ELISA by Dr. Pandey and his group at ICRISAT in Hyderabad, India – see Research Highlights!
Indoor Biotechnologies has just completed a major expansion of its UK facility in Cardiff, which has almost doubled in size. This expansion will enable the company to better serve European customers and maintain the growth achieved in Europe in recent years. Indoor Biotechnologies is fully committed to expanding the range of InBio® products and services to serve a global market. Brexit come what may!