01st March 2017

Isansys Lifecare Granted Key Patent for Its Innovative Patient Monitoring Platform

Isansys Lifecare, a digital healthcare company developing an innovative patient monitoring platform which enables the early detection of deterioration in patients, today announces that the European Patent Office has accepted for grant a key method patent. The patent relates to the wireless wearable sensor technology incorporated in the Patient Status Engine (PSE), a CE-marked, Class IIa, continuous multiple vital sign patient monitoring platform.

This patent broadly protects the construction and methods used by Isansys to recycle its Lifetouch and Lifetemp wireless body-worn sensors which, as part of the Patient Status Engine, are used by clinicians and nurses to automatically collect and analyse their patients’ vital signs in real-time. The recycling method, already fully qualified and included in the regulatory filings for both CE mark and FDA approval, involves off-site environmentally compliant disposal of certain parts followed by reprocessing and re-use of the most expensive components.

Keith Errey, CEO of Isansys, said: “The granting of this patent is critically important and further strengthens our patient monitoring platform as it covers a key method for reducing the costs of the devices, making them universally affordable. Other large scale in-patient wireless monitoring projects have failed because the technology has been too expensive.  With this patent we can now realize our ambition of building new and comprehensive physiological data sets through the provision of accurate, wireless wearable sensor monitoring for patients in all countries and in all healthcare facilities, including hospital at home applications, while at the same time, protecting the environment and reducing costs for patients and providers.”

The granting of this patent reinforces Isansys position as the market-leader in new generation wireless patient monitoring technology, and patient digitisation systems and services.

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