09th January 2013

January Member of the Month: Teamwork Technology Services

Teamwork Technology Services (Teamwork ICT) is an established independent provider of ICT (Information Communication Technology) services and consultancy across Wales. We ensure that our clients get real business benefits from their investment in ICT.

ICT is so much more than simply the hardware and software you use in your business. It is about how you use IT to positively impact your business.

Our clients are focused on growth and want business processes, systems and technologies that get results, that add value to their business, are secure and that produce a positive and healthy return on the investment.

We have over 20 years’ experience supporting and advising SMEs in a wide range of business sectors throughout the UK, including the Life Science sector, where our clients include companies such as Kuecept, Penn, Biotec , Magstim, and Williams Medical. We have the expertise to analyse, plan, evaluate and implement effective solutions for your business – and we ensure that technology is aligned with your business goals and priorities.

From assessment, advice and direction, to implementation and ongoing support, we focus on solutions that are appropriate for your business and that provide real benefit both financially and in terms of productivity and effectiveness..ICT can not only transform your company cost and control structures but it is becoming a key requirement in supporting drug development, manufacture and distribution for the global pharmaceutical market and in enhancing the design and innovation process in the medical devices market. An integrated ICT Strategy effectively implemented is an essential to compete in the increasingly competitive and changing Life Sciences sector.

What we provide:

Teamwork Technology Services can support you to reduce ICT related risks, save time and money caused by system downtime, improve network capability with capacity for future growth, expand the availability and quality of management information to increase operational efficiencies and support business planning.

Services are tailored to each client and include:

• ICT audits and reviews to help you identify areas for improvement.

• Business process improvement

• Risk assessment and risk management

• Disaster recovery for Business Continuity

• System Security

• System specification, selection and implementation

• System migrations, conversion and upgrades

• Project Management

What sets us apart

Our core team is supported by specialist affiliates with the skills and experience in the Life Science sector, who can address the specific requirements of the project. We focus on efficient delivery and adding value to your business.

We’re not “computer geeks”. We’re not obsessed with the latest and greatest shiny object. We don’t speak “techno-babble”. We understand the business challenges you face. We speak the same language as you.

Our focus is not the technology, but on understanding your business and finding the most appropriate and cost-effective tools to meet your needs and solve your problems.

Teamwork ICT is proud to be one of the principal deliverers of the Welsh Government’s e-Business Support programme, which includes a diagnostic review fully funded and available free of charge to eligible businesses in the Life Science sector across Wales. To enable you to effectively implement recommendations from a diagnostic review we offer project consultancy with access to financial support through the Welsh Government programme.

Contact us today to discuss the many ways Teamwork ICT could help you in 2013 and beyond.

Teamwork Technology Services Limited, Institute of Life Science, Singleton Park,Swansea SA2 8PP

T: 08000 803 003