19th March 2014

March’s Expert Advice- Broomfield & Alexander

Research & Development (R&D) tax relief: do you qualify?

If you can answer yes or maybe to any of the questions below, your company could be carrying out qualifying R&D activities, and you could be claiming tax relief on them:

  • Are you developing new or improved products?
  • Are you seeking efficiencies by developing your processes?
  • Have you had to overcome technical issues to find a solution?
  • Are you combining systems, products or materials in a new or alternative way?
  • When you start work on a new product or process is there uncertainty re: the technical aspects?
  • Have you or your products been nominated for, or won, industry awards?
  • Do you have high profile clients who come to you for your specialist knowledge?
  • Are contracts commercially secretive or covered by non-disclosure?
  • Do other companies ask you to help them in carrying out development or design?
  • Have you filed any patents?

If you can answer yes or maybe to any of these questions you may be carrying out activities that qualify for R&D relief.

For a review of your processes and assistance in preparing and maximising your claim please contact our in-house R&D specialist, Denise Roberts on or by phone on 02920 549939.