16th July 2015

MedaPhor adds eFAST to ScanTrainer’s Emergency Medicine portfolio

MedaPhor Group plc (AIM: MED) (‘MedaPhor’), the global provider of advanced ultrasound skills training simulators for medical professionals, has announced that it has added eFAST modules to its ScanTrainer portfolio. The new curriculum-based modules, which include Core Skills, Advanced Skills and Super Assessment modules, will teach vital eFAST ultrasound skills to medical practitioners working within Emergency Medicine units.

ScanTrainer’s Emergency Medicine product packages already include modules that teach basic and advanced FAST and OBGYN scanning skills. The new eFAST modules will also cater for a range of ultrasound skills levels, with Core Skills, Advanced Skills, and Super Assessment modules designed for both novices and advanced ultrasound practitioners:

  • Core Skills: This module extends FAST scanning into the upper chest by teaching assessment of the lungs, IVC and pericardial space. The trainee is taught to recognise pneumothorax and pleural effusion, both by calculating caval index and assessing the heart. The module includes 7 cases demonstrating pleural slide, IVC collapse with respiration and changes to cardiac morphology.
  • Advanced Skills: This module teaches trainees how to detect or exclude an aortic aneurysm during an eFAST scan.
  • Super Assessment: This module consists of 10 random patient scans to replicate a busy hospital environment offering the following cases: Right apical pneumothorax; Left basal pneumothorax; Right basal pleural effusion; Left upper pleural effusion; Hypovolemia; Hypervolemia; Aortic aneurysm; Cardiac tamponade; Pulmonary embolism; Normal patient, no pathology

MedaPhor’s Chief Technology Officer, Nicholas Sleep, comments:

“Ultrasound is a vital diagnostic tool for Emergency Medicine clinicians and ScanTrainer enables them to self-learn these skills in a safe and realistic environment. Our new eFAST modules are our most realistic yet, incorporating the movement of clinically relevant structures such as the pleura and IVC. Having this unique level of realism will transform the ultrasound learning experience for Emergency Medicine practitioners around the world.”

The new modules are available to new and existing customers worldwide today. For more information about our Emergency Medicine Education Packages or to arrange a demonstration get in touch today

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