14th June 2017

MediWales in Namibia

An opportunity for MediWales members to develop new contacts and opportunities in Southern Africa

Does your organisation have projects running in Southern Africa? Are you seeking contacts in the region? Do you have products or services appropriate for this market? Are you looking for products or services from this market, or do you just want to take advantage of commercial and cultural links with the region? 

Gwyn Tudor, CEO of MediWales, will be spending late summer in Windhoek, Namibia. He will be working with the University of Namibia’s Research, Innovation and Development Office to support the development of their knowledge transfer plans. He is travelling as part of the Phoenix Project, a partnership between Cardiff University and UNAM, led by Professor Judith Hall OBE. Gwyn has worked extensively with universities, the NHS and government agencies in the UK in support of university knowledge transfer, so he is hoping to make a positive contribution the UNAM’s plans while also learning a great deal about this beautiful country and exciting project.

Gwyn is already being kept busy by the UNAM team in his preparations for the trip and he will no doubt be very busy during his visit. But he is hoping to include a personal mission during his visit to forge lasting links between MediWales members and academic, business and clinical contacts across Southern Africa.

Gwyn says: “Having observed Professor Hall’s work with the Phoenix Project, I have seen the tremendous benefits delivered by joining the UNAM and Cardiff University communities. I am excited about the chance to contribute to this work and to bring the MediWales network with me. Above all else, MediWales is a rich and varied group of business academic and clinical people and organisations who understand the essential need to collaborate in order to succeed in our sector. It will be a fabulous opportunity to extend this network to work with colleagues in Namibia.”

Funding for the visit is being provided by Welsh Government through the Wales For Africa programme.

Get in touch if you are interested in finding out more about Judith and Gwyn’s work in Namibia.