12th January 2011

MediWales Member – Hedley Rees – Launches his new book!

Congratulations to Hedley Rees from Biotech Pharmaflow Ltd, for the launch of his new book titled Supply Chain Management in the Drug Industry: Delivering Patient Value for Pharmaceuticals and Biologics.

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Below is a short synopsis:

"For those who are switched off by the term supply chain management (SCM) in the title – don’t be! It is not limited to the distribution networks and storage/movement of finished products which is often the perception of SCM in Pharma. It works on the premise that supply chains are formed from the earliest days of discovery and development. In this sector, the regulatory filing (i.e. module 3 of the common technical document) limits the supply chain players, material, process routes etc to ONLY those submitted and approved. Therefore, if the supply chain is not properly designed at this stage, it is all but too late after. 

Because of this, the book aims to inform and inspire at an intersection where critical business linkages are formed – the interface between drug developers and supply chain management practitioners. To do this, I had to delve into the necessary detail on: 

  • The industry (warts and all)
  • Drug development
  • Regulations
  • Physical production/distribution stages
  • Competition in business
  • The five elements of SCM – Production and Inventory Control, Strategic Procurement; Transport, Storage & Distribution; Inofmraiton Systems, Improvement. 
  • Total integration of the SCM elements
  • Improvement in Pharma to-date
  • How other sector improved
  • Cultural change
  • A suggested new model for the industry