28th January 2011

MediWales member Invacare win platinum award for HomeFill device

Innovative HomeFill®from Invacare has scooped a ‘platinum win’ at the Nursing Times Product Awards held in London yesterday. Judged in the category of ‘Dignity and Daily Living’, the HomeFill II Oxygen filling system was recognised as making a real difference to the lives of people with COPD and dependent on supplies of oxygen.

Judges were highly impressed and liked the impact the product could have on a potentially huge market that cylinders were lighter and easier to carry, they commented; “Being able to fill up oxygen bottles at home is going to make a world of difference to COPD patients.” 

Invacare Home Devices

This national award recognises the Bridgend based company Invacare for its valuable product development and its partnership work with Dolby Medical.  

This portable oxygen filling system allows a patient to fill oxygen cylinders and be supplied with oxygen via the concentrator at the same time. Traditionally patients have had to rely on deliveries of oxygen cylinders or liquid oxygen to their homes to meet their respiratory needs.


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“We are absolutely delighted to win this national award and to be recognised for our excellence and innovation in a healthcare product.” commented Huw Roderick, Business Development Manager for Respiratory products at Invacare.

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