25th February 2011

MediWales member, Orthos, announces CE approval for new

Orthos Orthobiologics

The UK orthobiologics company, Orthos Limited, has announced CE approval to market its proprietary βGel synthetic bone graft substitute for use as a bone filler in non-structural areas such as in spinal cages to assist fusion, inside acetabular defects caused by osteolysis and alongside pins and plates to assist bone fracture repair. The principal uses will be in the spine, pelvis and extremities. The new βGel product is available throughout Europe with immediate effect.

βGel builds on the company’s proven βGran technology,  offering an injectable and mouldable, reliable, synthetic putty with handling characteristics more commonly associated with allograft (from human donor bone) materials.

‘Synthetic bone substitutes have become a valuable piece of the surgeon’s tool-kit in recent years. The worldwide market is already said to be greater than three billion pounds and is growing; the main use being in spinal procedures and the surgical revision of hip and knee joints. This innovative injectable bone grout (βGel) marks a new generation of products which are easier to implant, completely fill gaps and fissures in bone effectively and then safely allows the body to repair the bone naturally.’ said Professor Christina Doyle, Non-Executive Director and Consultant. This new product (patents pending) complements the company’s other approved products, βGran synthetic bone substitute granules and OsteoBoost, a unique bone marrow aspiration kit. 

About the Company

Orthos is an orthobiologics company focused on developing materials and devices that provide solutions for surgeons to use in the repair of skeletal defects and in the regeneration of bone. To achieve this the company works in partnership with clinicians and academia. The Company’s products are particularly targeted to newly emerging surgical techniques. The core technology of Orthos is based on the synthesis of orthobiologic materials which respond physiologically when implanted in the body. The Company has products approved for sale in both Europe and the USA.

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