Melys AFS: August’s MediWales featured member

Melys AFS Limited is a medical devices company specialising in non-invasive technologies.

Chronic Atrial Fibrillation is the most common arrhythmia seen in medical practice. It causes increased patient morbidity and mortality and adds significantly to the burden of health care costs. Once identified, it can be treated to minimise risks such as stroke and heart disease. Detection of AF and proper patient monitoring as part of any treatment regime are key preventative measures.

Screening for Atrial Fibrillation is not a routine procedure in most countries. The appropriate place to provide screening is in the community, and General Practices are well placed to carry out this role. However, contact with doctors in General Practice is often for reasons that don’t require a patient’s pulse to be taken. An irregular heart beat can go undetected.

Melys AFS Ltd has developed a monitor that provides a low-cost, non-invasive method of screening for an irregular pulse. The test can be performed quickly and conveniently and can be used to screen any patient seen in General Practice. Results are seen within a few seconds, and the patient can be referred for ECG examination.

The Melys Atrial Fibrillation Screening Monitor uses a simple finger clip sensor and provides an easily accessible means of screening the population. The monitor is easy to use, lightweight, rechargeable and portable. It is suitable for GP surgeries, home visits and for home use.

The monitor has undergone clinical trials both in the UK and the US. The trials assessed the utility of the instrument – which uses plethysmographic analysis of the finger-tip pulse – in the detection of AF. Comparative analysis of the instrument with ECG, the ‘gold standard’ diagnostic method, was undertaken in a total of 594 patients. With the instrument set to detect all cases of AF (100% sensitivity), a specificity of 91.9% (8.1 false positives) was obtained. The instrument provides an accurate and reliable screening tool for AF, filling a gap in the current process of early detection in the community.

Melys AFS Ltd intends to launch the product in the US and will be submitting for FDA approval in the next few months. The company is looking for a joint venture partner to help bring the product to market in Europe and elsewhere.

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