22nd September 2014

Neem Biotech Expands its Business Reach in North America

Neem Biotech confirmed its strategic position, at Bio2014, as the leading CRO for natural compounds with services markedly contrasting to those offered by other suppliers. As a consequence, a substantial number of new global business opportunities, opened up to Neem Biotech including interest from the USA, Brazil and Europe.  The opportunities realised include both in- and out-licensing prospects and new product development contracts for actives from natural origins including plant, marine and fungi sources.


Uniquely Neem’s substantial expertise enables companies to fully exploit their commercial development of active ingredients from natural sources.  Neem’s complete product commercialisation services range from active ingredient extraction, providing a full scientific data package, performing trials, providing regulatory data to consultation services.


Additionally Bio 2014 also saw Neem expand its research partnerships particularly with groups based within Brazil and the USA.


For further more information contact:

Dr Michael Graz, CEO, Neem Biotech


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