23rd June 2020

Opportunity for UK medical devices and equipment manufacturers to register on the Covid-19 Africa Medical Supplies Platform

The African Union (AU) has recently launched the Africa Medical Supplies Platform, which enables AU Member States to purchase certified medical equipment such as diagnostic kits, PPE and clinical management devices.

This is an opportunity for UK companies wishing to make their product details available to procurement teams within hospitals, healthcare associations, and governments across Africa to register early on the platform here.

The platform lists in demand products under ‘product categories’. We strongly recommend that you only register if you have products falling under these categories, so as not to overwhelm a system that has been launched as an immediate response to the Covid-19 pandemics.

Payment facilitation will be carried out by development bank Afreximbank, which is anticipated to smooth transaction processes for both suppliers and buyers.

Please contact Denise Kaye if you have any questions.