10th July 2019

Repose confirmed as gold standard for pressure ulcer prevention

New randomised control trial evidence confirms Frontier Medical Group’s Repose® as gold standard for pressure ulcer prevention.

Published in the International Journal of Nursing Studies, Professor Dimitri Beeckman and his team have compared the effectiveness of the Repose static air support system versus alternating air pressure support surfaces, in a nursing home population at high risk of pressure ulcers.

Pressure Ulcer (PU) prevalence in nursing homes across Europe has been stated as high as 31.4% and continues to pose significant challenges to caregivers in all care settings. The results of this RCT show that Repose was significantly more effective in PU prevention, resulted in more days being pressure ulcer free and had a lower purchase cost when compared to alternating air pressure mattresses.

Simon Jackson, Managing Director at Frontier Medical Group, said:

“The results speak for themselves. Over the last 20 years, Repose has consistently shown low levels of pressure ulcer incidence across multiple studies in multiple care settings and the results from the latest RCT, only go to prove what we have always known – Repose works. The study shows that high-risk patients are twice as likely to sustain pressure damage from the use of dynamic systems1, so Repose should be considered the gold standard for pressure ulcer prevention, for any patient at risk, when used as part of a package of care.”

Repose is a range of static air, pressure redistribution and reduction support surfaces, all with high levels of immersion and envelopment. A combination of unique materials and Smart Valve Technology has been clinically proven to deliver statistically significant patient benefits.

Unlike, other static air and dynamic systems, as proven in through Randomised Control Trials, Repose reduces peak and average pressures and consistently delivers low levels of pressure ulcer incidence, in a cost-effective, easy to use system.

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