07th February 2019

Syml Connect Expert Advice: Use LinkedIn effectively for brand awareness

SME’s strive to find the ideal opportunity to shine and break the commercial barrier. Identification of gaps within current marketing processes to strategically plan online content is essential to achieve successful results. An honest assessment of current projects and diligent SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat) analysis helps to prioritise projects that demonstrates better prospects to convert into revenue drivers, aiding measurable growth. This is of course a continual process of refinement and monitoring the responses to a given marketing strategy.

When it comes to highlighting the capabilities of one’s company products and services online, the LinkedIn presence can dramatically help to raise awareness of the company’s expertise, and uniqueness within a saturated marketplace. Whereas Facebook and Twitter are considered the more sociable platforms, LinkedIn is more business-orientated and acts as an essential business development tool, especially when trying to determine exact client requirements via conversations with various professionals.

Unlike the typical contents of current whereabouts and events attendances, LinkedIn content could be more carefully crafted to maximise the effectiveness of each post, bearing in mind the viewing audience and potential for online networking.

As with any marketing strategy the company firstly needs to decide on five key aspects:

  1. What does the company want to be known for?
  2. How do others perceive the company as onlookers?
  3. What are the company’s value proposition, and mission statement?
  4. What are the aims and overall intentions of the company?
  5. What specific steps does the team need to take to achieve the aims?

A checklist is compiled here as a suggestion for LinkedIn content to help to raise awareness of company brand and services offered to potential clients or collaborators:

  • Professional photographs, including high profile event attendance shots.
  • Client testimonials to aid visual assurance and build confidence in a successful brand.
  • Promotion of existing, new, and upcoming products and services, drip feeding content leading up to launch dates.
  • Inspirational content relating to a specific industry such as articles or impactful video links. Use compelling headings.
  • Engage with group conversations to inject relevant content, alternatively start own groups to demonstrate expertise within a certain area.
  • Simplify complex or detailed information as infographics showing flow and interactions.
  • Be consistent with a regular posting schedule, helping to reinforce the perception of a busy and dynamic company and workforce.

It is imperative to conduct business related activities in the utmost professional manner. Nowadays this is more important than ever in relation to maintaining the highest quality level of digital content in order to match or exceed the efforts of competitors.


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