03rd October 2011

The Magstim Company Ltd: October’s MediWales featured member

The Magstim Company Limited has witnessed an extraordinary 12 months, during which it was awarded the Queen’s Award for International Trade as well as being identified as one of the top 50 fastest growing company in Wales (see

We believe our success is down to our members of staff (virtually all of whom come from Wales, and all of which are based in the country) and our desire to innovate, open new markets and punch above our weight on the world stage in the fields that we sell into.

This year, we launched a new tDCS (transcranial Direct Current Stimulation) device, the HDCkit, which is a highly cost-effective model of such a device, being modular in its package, allowing researchers to get more relevant equipment from their grant awards at a time when funding is drying up.

We are also building upon the successful Magstim TMS range, with a new efficient and ergonomical coil being launched later this year, and a new booster box (the Rapid2 Plus1) being released for sale this month. We will also be consolidating our peer-to-peer relationship with the research field in 2012, with the next in our series of Summer Schools that will be more hands-on in design. Please see for more details.

Our Neurosign range of Nerve Monitoring equipment was also relaunched in the US in September, with a dedicated website ( and with the advocacy of Dr. Jack M. Kartush, a leading surgeon who has been at the cutting edge in more ways than one with technological advances in this area. The company has also augmented its support for UK surgeons with a new network of regional representatives who ensure that we can be on hand to advise on our equipment and new techniques as and when they emerge. Please visit for further information.

Magstim has benefited greatly from its links with MediWales over the years, whether it be through developing links with other companies for the common benefit or by being just part of a forum that can successfully lobby statuary bodies to ensure that our interests are also heard and advanced when national policy is being formulated.