Two up-and-coming researchers receive prizes to undertake studies from leading Cardiff-based neuroscience company, Rogue Resolutions

Students of Manchester University and University College London win prizes to carry out research into language and mental health care, thanks to innovative Welsh life sciences company.

Two neuroscience researchers have won prestigious prizes to advance their studies following an inaugural international competition run by Rogue Resolutions, a life sciences company based in the Creative Quarter in Cardiff, South Wales.

The Rogue Resolutions Challenge is a competition specifically designed for integrated, multi-modal brain stimulation and brain imaging studies and for those who aspire to build a name for themselves in this field. Rogue Resolutions equipment is used worldwide to research a variety of neurological and psychological disorders, including depression and Stroke.

Siddharth Kohli of Manchester University’s research focuses on improving brain-wave readings, to provide unique insight and applications of tACS in mental healthcare.

“This is a unique and great opportunity to implement our ideas using state of the art equipment,” said Siddharth. “Personally, it provides me a great platform to exhibit potential applications of my work during my PhD, which is crucial as I start my career as a young researcher.”

Helen Nuttall of UCL’s research will test how, in order to understand speech, the hearing centre of the brain works together with brain regions that control lip and tongue movements.

“I am absolutely delighted to have won the Rogue Resolutions Challenge, and the data collected as part of this proposal will be invaluable for preparing a grant application,” Helen said. “Thank you very much, Rogue Resolutions, for giving me this opportunity!”

The comprehensive first prizes will allow the young researchers to complete a proof of principal or pilot study, boost their CVs, learn new skills and make new valuable networking connections. The prize comprises:

  • Loaning of research equipment for 3 months
  • Expert technical help, product support and training
  • Funding to present at an international conference

Andrew Thomas, Managing Director of Rogue Resolutions, says “We are committed to young researchers in the neuroscience field. In January 2016 we launched this exciting initiative to offer an opportunity for researchers to kick-start their career. The response we had was phenomenal. We envisage this prize will be the first of many in the years to come.”

The judging panel for the Rogue Resolutions Challenge consisted of leading academic experts from University College London, Goldsmiths University of London, University of Oxford and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich, Germany.

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