MediWales Innovation Awards 2012 – Unrivalled Connectivity

The MediWales Innovation Awards celebrate the fantastic achievements of life science companies and individuals from the NHS in Wales. A priority sector in a tough economy, Welsh industry’s innovative partnerships with the NHS and academic institutions significantly contribute to the health and wealth of Wales.

The 300-guest Awards Dinner, sponsored by Welsh Government’s life sciences sector team, the National Institute for Social Care and Health Research (NISCHR), Abel & Imray, Geldards LLP, GX Group, eHealth Industries Innovation Centre (ehi2), and Sony UK Tec, was held at Cardiff’s City Hall on Tuesday 11th December to an audience of senior industry, NHS and government representatives.

Baroness Ilora Finlay of Llandaff opened the ceremony presenting the Industry Innovation Award, with a further seven prestigious awards presented to industry, and two to NHS Wales departments.

The MediWales-commissioned Welsh life science sector film, ‘Unrivalled Connectivity’, was launched at the Innovation Awards. Sponsored by Welsh Government, Abel and Imray, Geldards LLP, GX Group, eHealth Industries Innovation Centre (ehi2), and Sony UK Tec, the film depicts the unrivalled connectivity between Wales’ industry, academic, NHS and professional services organisations, which enables the fast, effective development of innovative healthcare solutions.

MediWales Industry Innovation Award 2012 from MediWales.

The Innovation Award was won by single-use, surgical instrument manufacturer DTR Medical Ltd. Their high quality products and exceptional service provides excellent clinical value to hospitals and clinics. DTR Medical has used metal injection moulding to create a cost-effective, single-use instrument for cervical biopsies. The product is expected to have a significant impact both in the UK and overseas, with the current customer base predicted to grow by over 300% in the next 3 years. This award is sponsored by Cardiff Medicentre.


MediWales Start-up Award 2012 from MediWales.

The Start-up Award was picked up by Rogue Resolutions Ltd for their success in the first two years of trading. The company provides integrated solutions for neuroscience, which include best-in-class systems for neuromodulation, brain imaging and neuronavigation. Established in 2012, Rogue Resolutions aims to increase direct contact with end users and streamline the crossover of applications from research to clinical environments. Rogue Resolutions is researching new products and markets and is currently expanding operations into the USA. This Award is sponsored by the Finance Wales.


MediWales Export Innovation Award 2012 from MediWales.

For the third year running Chromogenex Technologies has won the Export Achievement Award. Chromogenex manufactures light and laser-based systems for the medical and cosmetic market, offering effective, non-invasive treatments for conditions such as acne and scarring, fat reduction, facial rejuvenation and hair removal. Chromogenex successfully distributes products in Africa, Australia and Brazil, with the USA accounting for 60% of global sales. Chromogenex is currently focusing on the high-growth export markets of Brazil, Asia Pacific and Russia. This award is sponsored by Welsh Government’s life sciences sector team.


MediWales Outstanding Achievement Innovation Award 2012 from MediWales.

Invacare were recognised in the Outstanding Achievement Award. Invacare respiratory services produces innovative, patient-friendly oxygen devices designed to give patients the independence prevented by standard delivered oxygen modalities. The company has undergone considerable growth in this area, with an outstanding tenfold increase in turnover between 2011 and 2012. Invacare have worked with both the NHS and oxygen contractors, and their efficient non-delivery products have successfully been introduced into the Scottish NHS with excellent patient feedback. Invacare have also partnered with Dolby Vivisol to aid distribution across England and Wales. This award is sponsored by Broomfield and Alexander.


MediWales Partnership with NHS:Academia Innovation Award 2012 from MediWales.

A true industry–NHS collaboration was recognised this year, with Kodit winning the Partnership with the NHS/Academia Award for their collaborative project with Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, Edinburgh Napier University, and Imperial College London. A Wales-based software design house, Kodit develops strategic and standard platforms for the mobilisation of healthcare systems. Their product, CAREmagic, addresses specific sets of health procedures, allowing users to generate auditable proof of outcomes whilst also increasing efficiency and reducing cost. This Award is sponsored by Wynne-Jones IP.


MediWales Judges’ Award 2012 from MediWales.

The Judges’ Award was won by GE Healthcare, which provides expertise and tools for research of cells and proteins, drug discovery research, as well as tools to support large-scale manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals. Key target market sectors are the early stages of drug discovery programmes, in particular high-throughput drug screening, metabolism and distribution studies. This Award is sponsored by Teamworks Design.


MediWales NHS Innovation Award 2012 from MediWales.

The Innovation within the NHS Award was won by The North Wales Department of Medical Physics, part of the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board. The department provides scientific and technical support for patient services based on high-technology medicine. The team designed and manufactured the CelT phantom test tool, which provides realistic, effective testing of diagnostic CT scanners. Unlike existing phantoms, it forces the scanner to modulate its activity and behave as it would for a patient. This innovative idea holds great potential for expansion to Europe and beyond. This Award is sponsored by the Welsh Government’s National Institute for Social Care and Health Research (NISCHR).


MediWales NHS Partnership With Industry Innovation Award 2012 from MediWales.

The NHS partnership with Industry Award went to Aneurin Bevan Health Board’s Intellectual Property Group for their collaboration with E2L design consultancy to produce the ‘Easy Vein Access’ medical device. The product increases the size and accessibility of veins prior to cannulation, improving the success rate of insertion and so reducing patient distress and nursing time. Currently in its pilot trial stages, the device could reduce NHS costs considerably through savings in consumables and waste disposal. This Award is sponsored by the Welsh Government’s National Institute of Social Care and Health Research (NISCHR).


MediWales ehi2 Digital Innovation Award 2012 from MediWales.

A new addition to our awards this year, the ehi2 Innovation Award for Digital Technology in Health, was won by GP Commissioning Solutions, a provider of advanced health analytics with over 20 years’ experience in e-health. Their innovation, the Health Intervention Toolkit (or HINT), uniquely combines predictive risk modelling, gaps in care and medicines management to identify patients at risk. HINT provides clinicians with a targeted group of patients and has demonstrated benefits in both efficiency and patient outcomes. This Award is sponsored by the eHealth Industries Innovation Centre, (ehi2).

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