24th August 2011

Welsh universities must target top academics

Prof John Harries says Welsh universities are missing out on millions of pounds in research funding.

Welsh universities are being urged to be "predatory" in attracting star academics to boost research funding.

The call comes from the Welsh Government’s chief scientific adviser, who is concerned about Wales’ performance in attracting research income.

Prof John Harries wants institutions to be more "streetwise" when bidding for a share of UK Government funding.

He said they should target "star" research teams from elsewhere.

In his new strategic agenda for science in Wales, Prof Harries says attracting research income was a way in which higher education could boost the economy.

"Universities in Wales need to target ‘star’ research teams complementary to their areas of research strength and, by this predatory approach, signal to the world outside Wales that we are determined to make a success of our commitment to the science base in underpinning economic growth," he said.

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