20th March 2020

Why life sciences and medtech are still open for business

These are of course, unprecedented times. As concern of contracting COVID-19 remains high, many of us have been now been confined to remote working while daily updates increasingly highlight the critical position the economy is currently facing.

While sections of the population continue to exhibit selfish shopping antics, and the older generations become concerned about not just contracting the virus, but the prospect of isolation and inability to secure basic provisions, small acts of kindness from people offering help and support to vulnerable members of the community, are having huge impact.

I’m grateful therefore, to be working with an industry that is having a positive effect on how we tackle this virus. Not only is technology coming into its own  – remote consultations and technology allowing us to trace the path of the virus through communities are just some examples of this – but we are seeing a huge push from the pharmaceutical sector as it works to find and manufacture anti-viral medication as well as that globally-desired COVID-19 vaccine.

There’s no escaping the fact that this pandemic is creating a significant blow to the global economy. There are no answers. As industry events are cancelled and postponed (our own Med-Tech Innovation Expo itself is postponed until September this year) it is of course a worrying time for the industry as a whole. However, the life science sector is in a privileged position – being able to continue to supply healthcare systems with much-needed devices and medication.

In these extraordinary times, remember to keep in touch with us here at Med-Tech Innovation News, Medical Plastics News and European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer. We don’t have any answers but we can help keep your innovations, your developments and your technology in front of the people that need it. In a time of decreasing face-to-face interaction, it’s more important than ever that as many of us remain open for business as possible. And that’s what we’re doing. Let us know what you need, what you need to talk about and what you need to promote – whether it’s production facilities for ventilators, technology that allows patients to access medical care from their own homes, or anything in between. Keep us informed – it’s more important now than ever.