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The Lightman is unique technology for checking the accuracy of pulse oximeter sensors. Simulators check functionality but do not check accuracy. Surveys have indicated that about 30% of sensors in use are so inaccurate that patients are at risk of inappropriate oxygen therapy and/or unnecessary and harmful interventions. Recently there has been a rise in the number of inaccurate pulse oximeter sensors in use, at the same time user’s expectation and reliance on pulse oximetry is increasing. If sensor accuracy is not checked every decision influenced by that sensor has no foundation.

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Pulse Oximetry: Accuracy, Patient Safety and Clinical Risk Seminar - in Coventry TechnoCentre Conference Centre Puma Way Coventry CV1 2TW - on 12.03.2014. The aim of the day is to:- • Understand pulse oximetery and sources of inaccuracy • Gain an appreciation of expectations of pulse oximetry • Understand the risks posed by inaccurate pulse oximeter sensors. • Review a practical approach to quality assurance of sensors


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