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29th June 2020

Project to help health staff using PPE facemasks communicate scoops innovation award

Swansea University’s Healthcare Technology Centre has played a key role in developing an award-winning communication aid for frontline health staff forced to wear face masks during the pandemic. The Centre was part of the Welsh-based team behind MaskComms, a microphone designed to be small enough to fit inside a face mask and transmit voice through…

29th June 2020

Pioneering Medical Device Firm Device Eyes Further Growth

The chief executive of a Welsh business behind a range of inflatable medical devices designed to safely lift patients and older people has opened up about the global company’s growth trajectory and future plans. Founded in 1981, Mangar’s devices include inflatable bath lifts and inflatable cushions, often used in ambulances. With an ageing population and…

26th June 2020

Sony Provides Storage Help For Hospital Innovations

Medical supply company Hospital Innovations has been assisted by Sony to securely store thousands of safety gowns at its UK Technology Centre in Pencoed. Hospital Innovations recently secured a deal to supply 100,000 disposable medical gowns to one of the UK’s largest private hospital groups. To fulfil the contract, the Talbot Green-based distributor took an…

26th June 2020

Innovative Blood Oxygen Monitors Developed for Covid-19 Patients

Researchers at the University of South Wales (USW) have developed an innovative blood oxygen monitor after supplies of this key device became limited as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The team of researchers have worked under the instruction of the Welsh Government’s Critical Equipment Requirements Engineering Team (CERET) led by Industry Wales, who were…

26th June 2020

Sony UK Technology Centre ‘Proud’ to Support Key Industries During Pandemic

Wales’s leading manufacturer Sony UK Technology Centre (UK TEC) is “proud” to have continued supporting key medical markets by operating at a reduced level through the coronavirus lockdown. The Pencoed-based facility, which produces high-specification broadcast and professional camera systems, scaled down its operation during the pandemic to ensure it could continue to supply technology linked…

11th June 2020

NHS staff tackling COVID-19 use virtual reality to help reduce anxiety and stress

Researchers and clinicians hope pioneering VR use can be rolled out to workers across the UK
05th June 2020

Why digital healthtech is more important than ever

We talk a lot about the role of digital tech in healthcare – its ability to speed up diagnosis, manage conditions and improve both patient care and the way in which healthcare professionals connect with patients, for example. In these testing times, it is also becoming apparent that the role of digital has an increasingly…

05th June 2020

Welsh distillers answer the call to collaborate to fight Coronavirus

Life Sciences Hub Wales is leading industry efforts to combat COVID-19 by launching a nation-wide drive to get companies from a range of sectors working together on solutions. Support from the Life Sciences Hub Wales is helping to ensure that the thousands of hand sanitiser produced by Welsh distilleries has a direct route to where…

05th June 2020

160-year innovation legacy sees manufacturer return to the frontline

Changing production lines in response to Covid-19 Today, the company has switched productions at its Llanelli-based site, which would normally produce its patented solidified bio-ethanol fuel products, to the creation of high strength alcohol hand sanitiser. In a nod to BCB’s founding father, Dr Brown’s Hand Sanitiser is named after Dr. John Collis Browne, who…

05th June 2020

Wales-based manufacturer to produce Covid-19 antibody tests

In early April, Life Sciences Hub Wales made a national industry call out for companies to support Wales’ work to combat the virus and to which Ortho Clinical Diagnostics responded. A global leader in its field, Ortho has developed a manufacturing base for serological testing in Wales over the past 40 years. Today, the company employs…