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08th August 2018

Expert Advice: Clarity Compliance Solutions – Data Integrity

The issue of Data Integrity (DI) has been with us for several years since the regulatory bodies started to raise concerns.
27th June 2018

Five major UK Life Sciences Membership Associations team up to lobby parliament regarding Entrepreneurs’ Relief

OBN, OneNucleus, BioNow, Medilink Midlands and MediWales have sent an open letter on Friday 22 June to the Chancellor of the Exchequer the Rt Hon Philip Hammond, MP in regard to the recently proposed changes to Entrepreneurs’ Relief.
08th June 2018

Expert Advice: Ayming – How to make sure your claims process is robust

Claiming R&D tax credits involves identifying suitable projects, collecting and analysing technical information, and presenting it in the way the HMRC requires.
27th April 2018

Expert Advice – Wynne Jones: The trade secrets directive

Did you know that a trade secrets directive will come into play on the 9th June 2018? We cover what this will mean for businesses who have trade secrets and what steps you should be taking before the 9th June 2018.
18th April 2018

ABHI Guest Blogs: Andrew Davidson, DTR Medical

In the build-up to the ABHI Seminar: are you ready for Brexit? on 26th April, we asked event speaker Andrew Davidson how his company, DTR Medical, are preparing for Brexit.
28th March 2018

Jellagen Pty Ltd Receives ISO 13485:2016 Certification

Jellagen Pty Ltd is pleased to announce that the Welsh based marine biotechnology company has been certified to ISO 13485:2016 by leading Certification Body – LRQA, for the manufacture of medical grade next generation collagen derived from jellyfish.
08th February 2018

Expert Advice from Abel & Imray: What exactly is protected by a Registered Design?

UK and EU Registered Designs protect the appearance of a product.  The application process is relatively quick, cheap and easy and this has encouraged many companies to obtain this form of IP protection for their products.
16th January 2018

MHRA update to pharmaceutical companies on exit preparations

An update from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to pharmaceutical companies on preparations for exiting the European Union
25th September 2017

Expert Advice: Clarity Compliance Solutions – Data Integrity

Our top tips when considering Data Integrity
22nd August 2017

Wynne-Jones IP – Why an IP strategy is vital to the pharmaceutical industry

An effective intellectual property (IP) strategy is integral to preserving innovation and continuous progression in the pharmaceutical industry.